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Move it or Loose it ~ Wether you are 20, 40 or 60, we all know that we get out of shape when we become a partier, a full time computer player or one that does not move due to pain.  But did you know that when the body does not get used, the brain suffers as well.  As a matter of fact, your hearing, eyesight, muscle tone, lungs, and many more parts of you start to decline faster as well.  A little goes a long way, so take that baby step today!  Share with us your little step to better health 
and decreased pain and aging.

Health thru caring ~ a simple thing to say, but takes a small effort to do. Just as our negative emotions play a part in poor health, our positive attitude adds Endorphins (good hormones) to our bloodstream to help combat dis-ease each time we laugh and feel happy. Each day, try to do one nice thing for someone. That one thing could make a world of difference in their life and yours!

Is Reiki for you?  ~ Did you know that many of our large hospitals in the US, now have CAM, complementary alternative medicine?  And Reiki is one of the services to their patients.  Some others, include acupressure, acupuncture, light therapy, music therapy, reflexology and massage with bodywork. Reiki can be described in many ways, and the medical allopathic field also describes it a little differently. Wether it's called energy,
life force or Chi, ... if it works and there are no side-effects...that's impressive!

Can Complementary / Alternative services help me?  
Not every heath care service helps everyone.  But, overall, most services can and do help alleviate symptoms and many times can heal before the root problem gets worse.   However, what you do for yourself once you leave the office can remain your decision for many things.  Your posture, water consumption, sleep, diet and emotions all play an effect into your
health and healing.  They all have a metabolic factor to them.  Many modalities have been around for thousands of years, from around the world.  Therefore it helps have professionals to guide your path to feeling better and optimal wellness.



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