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From time to time we will list items for sale that we think others might like.  It might be something we have found to be interesting, something we have crafted ourselves or maybe just picked up along life's, daily journey. 

As well, we have gift items in our office for you!
such as aromatherapy inhalers for men & women and other items of health interest as well as free items.

Many here are new or gently used items, that might fit into your life or for someone dear to you.  Maybe for a girlfriend, elder or aging parent.  We feel each of us have a connection in this big world and sometimes it is as simple as a short visit, or for some simple thing that makes you happy.  

Feel free to write us for any questions.    
Have fun and come back often. 

Remember donations help the Nursing Ministry to assist you and others not so fortunate towards optimal health. It also allows me to visit with the elderly and seniors & brighten their day with health services.


You can donate with cash, money order, check,
 "Square" card (by phone or e-mail) or "PayPal"


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Terry Twist from the 1960's.
Vintage, by Ideal corp.
She turns at the waist and wears a smile.
Shown here with a nursing dress and cape
and pin, that was added for her.
Donation / Price: $ 30.00


Patti Playpal from the 1960's
Vintage, by Ideal Corp.
She stands approx. 35 inches tall and 
comes with shoes and a added on 
long dress and antique veil.
Donation / Price:  $ 45.00


100% to Ministry services
drop -down for $ options.
Price: $1.00


Grandma's Pictures
Hanging quilted-like cloth album with clear protective slots for pictures of the grand-kids...or areas to keep mementos. It has a pretty flowered background and would be great for your special mom or grandma.
Price: $9.99


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More to come.  Keep checking back !

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