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Your PATHS To Wellness - Traditional, Integrative & Holistic R.N. Health Care
R.N., Author, Educator, Integrative Medicine & Artist ~  Introduction - Bio  ~

Dolly Jett, 
 Nursing & Wellness Director



First of all, Why the alphabet-soup behind my name ?
Because I continually strive to be the best I can.  
With each passage of studies, I bring the newest knowledge, of the available options. 

                         Those,  are the "services" that allows us to help 
                          "you" reach your optimum health.  

Because many times  ~  one modality does not work for everyone !


I myself, have always had a strong interest  in the natural world and the 
potential self-healing that a body is capable of.   
Starting out with Nurses-Aide work, Dr. Office Clinical assistant and X-ray technician role in the 70's & 80's, that grew into further explorations of Natural & Traditional healing.

  Graduated from Nursing School / Registered Nursing program in 1986. 
 Completed a BRN approved Therapeutic Massage  & Bodywork course
 in 2000.   Studied Naturopathy & Holistic Ministries/Wellness, 
 Earned my M.S. & am Ordained as a Non-Denominational Minister.   
 Board Certification was also granted as a 
Certified - Alternative Medical Practitioner. 
In 2007,  633 more Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Hours were earned,
Achieving a LMBT-NC and NCBTMB National Board Certification.
Reiki Mastership in 2009 and Board Certification as a
  National Massage Therapy Instructor, 
for Seminars & Home-study C.E.'s  #451800.

Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, for smoking, weight & stress in Ca.,
 as well as a Certified Health Coach  -  Prime Time for Adults & Seniors.

Certified "Compassionate Touch" Practitioner II,  for Seniors & Eldercare,   
&  2013-2014 "UNC School of Nursing/ RN Refresher program".

WA. LMT - Still Waters Massage Institute, 691 Transfer Hours in 2015,
and a WA. State DHS Certified NAC/CNA Instructor Certification.
And now, I'm back to school again for advanced nursing !

 A Ph.D. (Holistic Health), over 45 years in Health Care, 
17 years in Nursing private practice with Integrative Medicine
 and over 30 yr. as an R.N. to offer you the best in Health caring.

 Combined experience in the health care field included, but not limited to:
  Hospitals, Medical, Surgical, Rehab, Neonatal Intensive Care, Plastic Surgery, ER Clinic, Doctors and Chiropractic Offices, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Retirement Inn, Assisted Living, Local Businesses, 
Schools, Health Fairs, Teaching & Supervising. 

As Nursing & Wellness Director,
I am glad to be part of this wonderful Healing Practice


SeniorCareRN :
We are dedicated to YOUR health.

Our philosophy is to help you and your body physically, mentally or spiritually.  We hope that when you leave, you will have a better understanding of your well being.

Our services are varied and wether you call them Traditional, Integrative, Holistic, Complementary and now also deemed as "Functional", they are all aimed at helping you get back to health, out of pain or to stay in health.
Your questions will be addressed and a plan implemented to get you on the road to better health.  Therefore, our goal is to assist those we serve to achieve the best quality of health possible, 
that is safe and non-invasive.

We understand that one solution does not work for everyone,
so we take our time to listen and learn about your needs and preferences.  

This enables us to tailor a program that maximizes your health and wellness.  As well, we will always refer you to someone that can help you, if we can not.


A+ SeniorCareRN
......... "Senior" meaning, we strive to offer you services that are Above what is expected and to provide you with "Top level" service.
......... "Care" meaning, We attempt to put 100% of our attention, experience and knowledge to Your "needs" when we are with you.
......... "RN" as a Registered Nurse, I will see that
           you get the best of heath care we can offer !


We work with all health professionals
 ... including MD's, DC's, DO's, ND's, PA-C's, NP's  as well as Senior Community,  Health fairs and Wellness centers.   
We offer seminars and Chair Massage for the Community, 
Schools, BusinessesNursing Facilities, Retirement Homes, 
 Assisted Living & Acute Care Hospital services too.

We look forward to hearing from you and
assisting you with your Health Care needs.



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