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Juice Plus nutrition, just plain wonderful fruit and vegetables from mother nature to you.  Nothing less, Nothing more.Nutritional Therapy is our Health, Happiness and absence of dis-ease
             Have you heard of

Just plain fruits and vegetables in a capsule.  Not another gimmick, real food, minimally and gently processed, so what you get in the capsule is real food.

 Look at their website and call us if you
want feedback on this great product.

Or, go to this JP website and look at all the clinical research of this wonderful company.  MLM?  Well, if you want to make money selling it to others, then I guess you could call it an extra benefit.   

On the other hand, it just feels good to help others find a easy way
to add to their arsenal in combating dis-ease. Backed by Many Doctors & Nurses alike, including 2 generations of Dr. Sears.

 If you are looking for that extra insurance 
when you don't eat
 as you should...

...then this is wonderful. These vegetables and fruits in a capsule give most, more energy, better immunity and increased alertness.  The longer taking them, the more benefits we see.  
Those of us that take them, feel it is worth the cost in our health.   Many people lose extra pounds as a side benefit, as well.

JP website for more information:  
just copy and paste



 Please feel free to e-mail us for more information on products.  
No obligation, no hard sell. 
We only highlight those items which we have tried ourselves
 and know that they work for us!


      Have you heard of "Nikken"  ?

From magnetic insoles to bedding and much more.  
We love this company's items and what they have done for us.  After using them for many years when nothing else worked 
for pain from injures, I myself,  believe in their effectiveness.  
Magnet therapy has been around for hundreds of years. 

Look at their website and call us.  We are not distributors 
but have many testimonials.


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