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Forms for Health 

~   New Clients Forms ~ 
The following forms are designed
to help us work together for 
"your"optimal Health & Comfort:

        The Intake Form allows us to keep in touch with you, notify you of any changes in our practice and 
keep you updated to any specials.

Intake form 2017.doc (DOC — 29 KB)

The Authorization Form acknowledges that you have read our brochure or website, have filled out the uptake form, 
alerts us to your doctor's information in case of emergency 
and protects you as well.

      The Outcomes Form lets us know exactly what you are looking for, your goals and any health issues 
you might like to share. 

(This one is optional and helps us plan for your optimal care)
OutcomesForm2014 (PDF — 14 KB)

You can fill them out in one of the 3 ways below:


A.   You may click on the file, download the forms, 
fill them in at your leisure,

But, don't forget to 
bring them with you to your appointment. 
This will allow more time for us to be with you and It helps us 
customize your treatment according to your needs.
B.    Or, you can e-mail them to us ahead of time, 
that would be fine as well.
  You may do so at:
 C.   Or, you can choose to fill out the paperwork 
at your appointment time instead,

    However, please come a minimum of 15 minutes prior to
your appointment to allow for completion.

Thank You!

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