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Your PATHS To Wellness - Traditional, Integrative & Holistic R.N. Health Care

~  Our Practice & You  ~

 Our services combine many types of treatments, 
from years past as well as  new.  
While styles have changed, 
the Philosophy in Nursing is to continue to provide 
Safe & Caring  services to help you feel better !


"Those services from yesterdays Holistic practices
 that were once the norm;
To today's evidence based Traditional ones" 
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Our belief is that many therapeutic modalities are very much the same and work for the same goal.  Therefore, the sessions with our clients are a mixture of services for which we are educated and experienced with, as well as certified and licensed.  
For this reason, we have chosen to not concentrate on one specific service but to incorporate many ... 

for the best service we can provide to our clients, 
based on their health, needs and desires. 


We bring the Nurses past into the future with a belief that both are still wanted and needed today.  Especially by those that grew up in a different era.  A time, when compassion & caring were brought to homes of all kinds by those angels in white.  

With each visit, We will attempt to provide for all of your 5 senses, 
(touch, sight, smell, taste & hearing) 
for optimal quality of health care.


We hope to help you become more in touch with your health,
by assisting "you" to help your body.  Many things influence how we deal with the world around us.   Our belief is that we all need each other, so that we can achieve our optimal health 
for where we might be right now !

 We know that even in illness or a disease process, we ourselves can sometimes be the deciding factor in which way it progresses.  There are times when we need the assistance of others and we hope this is where this practice fits in for you.
Whether it is, assisting you in regaining your health, 
or by keeping your wellness balance intact, or just for comfort !

***we are not physicians, 
therefore, if you have any major medical illnesses or on prescriptions, please check with you primary health care provider before trying anything new. 

Please feel free to discuss your needs with no obligation.

Please always feel free to contact us with feedback,
for your input is invaluable,

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