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           Perks for Clients
           & Providing ~   

     Thank you for assisting in others lives.        
          Thank you for referring others,

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   Thank you for being a part of our cause 
         And thank you for being you!


 Holistic Nursing can help assist you 
mentally, physically & spiritually, 
in helping you feel your best ! 
As well, Health Coaching can 
guide you on a new path of wellness
 without unhealthy habits!


Established clients

As a Health Incentive, 
With your paid office visit, we offer you extras
that we can incorporate in the sessions...
such as Reflexology, Aroma Therapy and Reiki  
 with no extra charges!



And, if you refer a friend, and they visit, 
We will add an extra service on your next visit.


New clients:

 enjoy a initial 15 minute consultation

to see what we have to offer you... 


We offer many free services as a Nursing Ministry
 and we are able to continue this, 
                        with your grateful donations..............

Please write us for details...
they differ depending on the drop-in site and travel,

 so that you may experience what we
have to offer you, for your optimum health.


Keep your body on a path to wellness!

We wish you Good Health & Happiness 
look forward to seeing you soon and assisting you
in your on-going quest for Health


***  We will be continuing to be holding prize drawings each month for: 

A Surprise Gift Item !

You can enter once a month and
 also when you refer a friend, and they come in.


Traditional Nursing and Holistic - Integrative 
  health care can assist you with your  
providers health care suggestions.

  It can also  fill  in for Rx Referral visits 
for R.N. services when  you  need 
someone closer to home, than your provider
 is located or when he/she are not available.

  Some services provide "peace of mind" when you 
can not get in to see your provider 
right away and others help for when
  you  need a little extra help clearing up problem, 
such as a common cold.


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