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               ~  Testimonials  ~


        "......... I was treated with a lot of concern and TLC from Dolly, her years
 of experience and compassion are much appreciated." ...Robert B.

"I just wanted to say...Dolly has been just wonderful.  Her prices are affordable
 and she really cares about each patient.  I have sent very close friends to her
 and they share my feelings and would recommend her again and again, 
you can tell with Dolly  it's not  just's personal.  
Thank you so much for the care you provide"... Danielle J.  (sales)
"The level of service at SeniorCareRN is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by her professionalism and caring".... Jim (sales)

"The session I received today was very good.......The lighting was soothing along with the gentle music.  Afterwards I felt very were very professional and I really felt you cared about me......... to the fullest.  It was a wonderful experience.  Thank you very much!"... Jamie S. (gym member)
"In this day and age, it’s hard to find health care that you can trust. Dolly and SeniorCareRN has a quality of service that is caring, enjoyable and it works" ... Barbara (teacher)


(Testimonials from the Beginning of this Practice)

" This works, plain and simple"
...Ray  (retired-independent)
"What a difference, I feel like a million bucks"
...Jade (Senior-retirement home)
"Wow, great stuff, wish I had done this sooner"
...JoAnn (Housewife, mother, accountant assistant)
"She helped me with my health and medications and
she made it easy for me to understand"
...Mr. David L., Senior, Retirement Inn


It's not all serious...
 for we believe a daily dose of humor,
 is necessary for good health as well !


   Traditional  ~ Integrative ~ Complementary ~ Holistic ~ Functional  
Massage therapy and bodywork relaxed from The cats
     Traditional Nursing R.N.
Traditional Nursing Humor for Health


Therapeutic treatments
          ... for Wellness & Health
                     ... or Sickness & Comfort.


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