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Our practice incorporates many Traditional, Integrative & Holistic services
 in Licensed Registered Nursing care.  While working with your Health-Care Providers referral, or your primary, we can customize Nursing care plan to fit you or your loved ones needs.  Some services can be covered by insurance, such
        as wound care, Injections and others, will need a doctors note or Rx.          

While working with your Health-Care Provider, we can set up a treatment plan to fit you or your loved ones needs.  

Treatment for personal injury cases, rehabilitation, pain or therapeutic healing modalities may require a prescription.

  Occasionally the services may be covered by insurance.  
However, if you are just looking for relief from minor discomforts or pain, then we can meet that need as we.
      The Nursing skills, Holistic experience and education provide a perfect  harmony for health care. 
Many treatments overlap, so be sure to view all our services.


kUse of this symbol indicates that  these particular services are offered through attained schooling, certification, training, knowledge, experience and 
within the R.N. scope of practice and licensure.


Wellness Clinic Nurse & Senior Care
Working with Seniors in long term care and assisted living, as well as multiple community and business Clinics. Providing Wellness counseling, Cholesterol, Glucose, 
BMI and Blood Pressure testing.  Also providing seasonal Flu clinics in Snohomish - Everett, Marysville, Tulalip and Stanwood. Previously DON in AL facility.

 N.A. Certified Instructor
 WA. State Approved CNA Training Instructor for class  Instruction, Lab and Clinical. Within state curriculum, 
 teaching student nursing assistants a course of study,  to ultimately pass the state test and become WA. certified 
 as NAC's. (CNA).  Passing of the optional online 
 "Train the Trainer" certification course completed.

Acute Care Hospital Nursing
Over 35 years experience as a R.N. in Clinics, Stepdown, Float, NICU level 3, Med-Surg and a Private Practice.  
Year RN Refresher course in 2014 with six month didactic and 240 hour clinical practicum.  CE's and licenses current with CPR, First Aide, RNC-NIC and other certifications.  Ph.Dc with a Holistic Health Doctorate in 2016.

Certified Health Coaching
Coaching throughout the life-span with those looking to add years to their life, reduce current medications, alert to any medication interactions with food or other meds, feel healthier, create new everyday healthy habits or reduce pain inflammation.  you will look better, think better and feel better.  

Wether you are looking for prevention of dis-ease, reduction of illnesses or just want to gain more knowledge with the most up to date health information, this is for you. Visits can be casual and personalized or as "Prime-Time" teaching for those over 50.  It's roots are from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and includes four 90 minute sessions in:  Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude & Nutrition.

Optimal Wellness for The best in Health. Clinical Hypnotherapy
Just like Imagery, visualization and hypnosis in the clinical nursing aspect of this modality, is Ca.board RN approved. to 
be used to assist in removing unhealthy behavioral patterns 
like smoking and weight conditions.  Thus, promoting life 
changing routines and positive ways in which to live with the stressors of life's daily issues.  With the removal of the unhealthy habits, brings less pain and discomfort.


blood pressure heart disease wellnessBlood Pressure Check's
can be done with digital or traditional cuff readings. 
We  include an estimated Oxygen Saturation as well.  
drop-by  for 15 minutes, once a week is ideal.   
In a relaxed atmosphere, best done before a large meal and sitting for a minimum of 5 minutes, non rushed , with arm placed at heart level. 


injections for B12, testosterone estrogen,  insulinMedical Injections
With a doctors prescription, therapeutic drugs such as 
B12, Insulin, Hormones and others can be given as an office visit.   

Such cases as: transportation issues, home care or in your provider's office being closed temporarily.

wound care doctors prescription injuryWound Care
Post hospital or injury care of assessing, staples or suture removal, bandaging, sterile dressings, debridement and application of necessary ointments are available with a Doctor's prescription.  As above, such cases might be transportation issues, home care or in the case of your provider being closed temporarily.


medical massage for injured areas or accident or illnessMedical Massage
with your heath care provider's prescription, this is for personal injury cases, reduction of pain from disease, sports injury and many other discomforts.  Treatment may be combined with hydrotherapy, magnet therapy, low dose ultrasound and Range  of Motion exercises.  Many auto insurance company's and some health insurance plans will pay for this. 

infant baby massage and wellnessInfant Massage
is a style of bodywork designed specifically to promote the healthy development of full term infants and premature babies alike. Caring human touch is crucial for a healthy thriving baby, and the benefits of massaging  are many: 

*Improved growth & development of the brain.             
*Strengthened immune system function.
*Regulated sleeping patterns, leading to deeper sleep.
 *Greater levels of trust & intimacy between the parent & child.

range of motion muscles ligament tendonsRange of Motion
that we provide as therapy is a easy, slow stretching with practitioner assistance for increased movement of joints. 
It can provide increased circulation and muscle tone for injury or for those that are sedentary with little or no activity. Used in a variety of instances, from infancy
to elderly, the human touch with assisted movement is a step in the right direction for health and/or comfort.

Magnets and Psoas BalancingBiomagnetics
features many different types of services ranging from magnet therapy to body energy work.  One of these is balancing of the "psoas", which is one of the large major muscles in your body.   This muscle is responsible for many actions that occur in our activities of daily living.
When "out of balance" it can cause much discomfort.  Balancing it can remove or reduce pain and assist with healing of other body functions. Another modality is Magnet Therapy which has been used for years for decreasing inflammation & increasing circulation. The benefits have been shown to help reduce pain & assist in healing.

*********  Low dose Ultrasound (high frequency sound waves) can be utilized
                for sore and injured areas with doctors Rx. 

anatomy and physiology
 Wellness Counseling 
is used for assistance in health & habits of activities of daily living that leads to positive self change. Sometimes all that is needed is information that is broken down into simple terms. This leads to small doses of change that is easier,  permanent and involves mind, body & spirit.  Wellness deals with not only healthy food, but sleep, stress, activity, mindset, breathing, water and many more things.  When a plan is created with a willingness to change, life can be so much better.  

Sometimes, a desire, with positive self-talk and a plan is all that might be needed for new start.  Even those with medical illnesses can make small changes and feel a difference. A plan customized to your needs for short or long term benefits.

senior services and seminarsSenior & Elderly Events
can include Nursing and/or Massage with Holistic Integration services.   This can be used in Skilled Nursing Facilities, Retirement Inn's, Assisted living or private homes. We offer Health information seminars, as well as teaching 
and private duty. Call us to discuss your needs for your Company, yourself or your loved ones.

Neonatal and NICUNICU -Neonatal  
With over 16 years in the Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Stanford Hospital, Dolly can offer cuddling hours for your infant or premature infant... for those moms and dads that are not able to be with their infant or premature baby as much as they would like to be.  Services vary depending on the requirements of the individual hospital.  Besides having a private practice, she continues to be certified in NICU (RNC-NIC).  
With over 50+ CE's in Nursing,  55 CE's in Neonatal Intensive Care, CPR certified and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP).   Some hospitals allow tube feeding, holding while on the ventilator, massage, diaper  change and other services for the designated cuddler that has been appointed by the family.       

Elderly and HospiceHospice Care
These clients have different comfort needs. Our practice hopes to  bring a combination of my services to share.  Although many are not completely alert, research has shown that they do feel, think, smell,  hear and taste in their immediate surroundings. 

By bringing multiple forms of treatments to them, they are able to to wake and sleep each day, with something special for them and their comfort.  
Doctor's orders may be required.  We can assist the family in integrating the blessed time they have with their loved one in a environment of human touch & caring.


R.N. Owned & Operated
Use of this symbol indicates that this particular service is offered
 through the skills,  knowledge, past experiences and training; 
within the R.N. scope of practice and licensure.

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