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     ~  What's New?  ~

New things are happening all the time !

Keep reading below to view the changes.


Wa. State - LMP (licensed massage professionals)
are now re-licensed in 2017 as a:

LMT (licensed massage therapist).


 We have been accepted as an Insurance Preferred provider ! 
But as everything good, contacting each insurance company can take a while.


We now have Pure "Essenial Oil" Aromatherapy 

Inhalers,  Roll-ons & Spray's

In many therapeutic scents such as:
 Lavender, Winter-mint, Rose,Vanilla, Eucalyptus 
and many more.

Plus..........You get free refills !


Temporarily closed !
I will keep you posted

     We've been Highlighted on:


2015 & 2016

...And are pleased to share this with you

Please click the link below, then scroll down & 
view on the right side of the screen !



We wish all of our past clients the best, 
and are thankful for your patronage over the years.


***  Coming soon:  ***
I am hoping to re-instate:

A new way to relax:
With many "All Senses", World charm, 
ethnic, fun and relaxing qualities...

These one hour mental, physical & spiritual sessions will be done only on specific days during the month,  
due to extensive set up time. 

They will be for a limited time and will change each month. 
Not a spa treatment...
Enjoyable-yes, but with real Wellness therapeutics !

Some benefits included in these sessions are:
 snacks, music, visual, aromas, 
decorations and attire to fit the day...

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Day    -   June
Middle Eastern Pinswed Day   -  July
Sound Healing Day    -   January
East meets West Day   -   March
WA. Nature, Nurture Day   -   April
Valentines Hearts Day   -   February
Patriotic Vintage Nurse Day   -   May

*** As well, send me your thoughts........
Keep it clean, therapeutic and wellness oriented Please !


... Research shows healing is innate (meaning it heals itself).  Given the right circumstances, your mind-body will follow your immediate positive experiences, with the right combination of good chemicals and hormones it needs. All the while, reducing and riding itself of the destructive mind-body chemicals and dramas 
we play over and over each day ...

So, smile, laugh, enjoy, relax, rejuvenate, rejoice and re-new !!!


        We have re-united our 
Spiritual / Ministry services 
         and are excited to once again offer you :

"Memorable & Reasonable"
Ministry ~ Reverency 

For your "Wedding"as YOU want it,  indoors or out with your choice
of garment options, vows, and special extras...        

 "Renewing of vows" for those still in love and wanting to create 
another special day ...

We provide for sick "Pet Blessings"...or... "House Blessings
for those who feel prayer, faith or a cleansing is needed...

As well...we will come to your home or for those you love
 who are sick or very ill,

For "Blessing" of the sick, ill or dying,
 to provide Comfort, Peace, Blessings and Caring in a special way...

Please contact us for more details, 

Ordained Minister since 2002 
from United Christian Fellowship with a M.S. in Holistic Ministries.
Presently ~ Interfaith Non-Denominational, 
re-ordained Reverency with ULC in 2008


*We continue to have a " Home-Study" LMT course of
8 CE NCBTMB provider approved hours 

*  and will be having another 8 CE hour,
NCBTMB approved class
this month in the specialty of:
"Senior Clients"

...Date TBD, pending
 # of students signed up.
  Location to be announced.


* And, browse by our "Storefront" for those of you that
would like to add a little something for yourself or loved ones:

Gift ideas ranging from:
New and used fun items as well as wellness items.


Hoping to bring back soon:

Arts & Crafts ~ to ~ CD's on Clinical Hypnotherapy
 & Mini Pocket Reader Books ( in progress)

The Clinical Hypnosis / Positive Affirmation cd's will include:
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss & Stress Reduction


Keep checking back for new ideas and items !

Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or
needs, for we are always just an e-mail or call away.


 Dolly's 1st book about... living for today and counting our blessings.
Written for children of all ages, from 1 to 101.
Dedicated to her Great Grandmother and Grandfather who have passed on,
to all the wonderful Seniors she's met in her 40 years of Nursing,
and to a very Unforgettable Elder
...that taught her how to see the world again
through the eyes of a child.
Through their memories, these blessings are passed on to others.

 Still a work in progress.
Please check back for more details.

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