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what to expect during a session or office visit or massage

~  What To Expect  ~

Our goal is to give you the best service 
we can.  That being... the tools to assist
  you in your search for wellness.
Therefore, the information below is to
give you a good head start, 
         before you even walk in to see us.


Your visit is more than just a band-aid, more than just a temporary fix.
   Its about giving you the tools to live a healthier, longer life. When you come in, we'll talk about what is concerning you and then create a plan to help you get on the path to good health, or more information to assist yourself 
in your own health plan. 

Your health is important to us. We work on treating the whole person,
 not individual ailments.  We specialize in providing safe and comfortable services to people of all ages. Our specialty is combining treatments to rid you of pain or stress and provide you with the tools to treat the mind, body and soul and assist in preventing "dis-ease", as well.


*  Please print out the forms, fill them out prior to your appointment and bring them in with you. 
Or, if you wish you can fill them in and e-mail them to us  
before your appointment.
*If you wish to fill out the forms at the office, please arrive 15 minutes before ,so we will not be rushed.


* Many clients like to pay prior to the visit, so they do not have to take time after they have been relaxed for an hour. 
You may do that on this web site after we talk,
Or at the office 
Or before we go into the room,
  Or after.


* Any information you give us is confidential 
and is not shared with anyone. 
If you wish your health care provider to have information in regards to your services or treatments, please let me know.


(please keep us alerted of any medications you are taking or health problems you might have, 
so that we can provide a
 safe and comfortable health care session)


* Please do not wear any strong perfume or colognes to your appointment and dress comfortably.

* If you are taking PAIN medications, it is best not to take any within 3 hours of visit if you are having bodywork done.
* During the office visit, it is preferable to silence any cell phone or PDA phone so to not  have interruptions during the treatment.
* Before we start, we will discuss your preferences, any problem areas and answer any questions you might have.
* Please inform us of any major medical issue, allergies, Pacemaker, Medications, Diabetes, Diseases or Pregnancy before we start.
* If at any time during your visit you have a concern or comment, please do not hesitate to share it with us immediately.   
Your comfort and health are our objectives.
* We strive to assist you as an individual and sometimes that means we will spend extra time with you.  You will not be charged for any extra time, therefore it is best to not schedule any other appointments immediately after your visit or session with us.


For Massage & Bodywork
* It is preferable that you haven't taken any medications for pain within 3 hours if your nursing plan of care involves massage or bodywork..  Please refrain from alcohol, stimulants or 
anything that might alter your sense of feeling.
* Please let us know if you have any major medical illnesses, any allergies, if you are on blood thinners, a pacemaker, pregnant or chance of pregnancy.  Some types of massage and bodywork modalities are contraindicated in the above. 
As well, we have electronic equipment and magnets 
that can affect pacemakers.
* If you have been exercising, please shower first before your visit!
* If receiving massage or bodywork as part of your services, it is best to not come in on a full stomach.  Drinking water prior is preferable to soda or coffee.  

* We will adjust the needed depth and compression in bodywork, based upon the client, medical issues and requests. 

*You will always be covered with a sheet or blanket for comfort and privacy with any service.  The amount of clothes removed, depends on your comfort level.  However, the larger the area without barriers, the easier it is for a more therapeutic session.

I Do Not provide "Full Body" Deep tissue
Nor do I provide "Sports massage".
However, I do perform:

Swedish with Deep Tissue Integration for specific body parts
& Deep Tissue Mechanical Vibration.

  ( Medical Massage will need a Physician or Doctors Rx.)


* After your treatment when you are dressed, feel free to discuss anything you might want to change at your next appointment. 
Our services are tailored to your health care needs.  As well, let us know of any concerns during your session. 
* You may feel very relaxed afterwards if lying down and some describe it as feeling "light or euphoric".   Therefore you might want to sit for a minute before you leave to your next destination especially if you have hypertension or on medications 
for high blood pressure.
* If your plan of care includes bodywork or massage, it is relaxing the body temporarily, but there is an increase in overall circulation and a movement of waste products and toxins.  Therefore, drinking water afterwards is advised. For some that do not drink water afterwards, they can report soreness the next day.  This is thought of as the "toxins" not being flushed out of the system.  Check with your Dr. or health care provider first 
if you are on "fluid restrictions".
* Another way to prolong the massage is to do "self massage" at home, for it assists the session provided, to last longer.  A "loofah" pad in the shower is ideal, for it adds more friction to the skin. 
For Diabetics and those on blood thinners, be gentle and strokes
should be upwards towards the heart.  A hot bath is a wonderful way to open up the pores, hydrate the skin and relax the mind and body.
*  What really helps, is to set up regular scheduled visits ahead of time.  That way you won't forget to make that important time for yourself or loved ones.  Each time you come in, you can have us check off another visit on the postcard or business card that we will give you.   It will offer you specials on your next visits.


There are so many wonderful benefits that Holistic Nursing services can provide for your health.   
The list is too lengthly to list all.  But, be sure to ask 
and we will give you additional information to read at your leisure.

                                                    Relaxation, Comfort & Health

ideals fo optimal health
dreams and goals for wellness as well as hypnotherapy



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